Part 2: Really Redis

After looking into the REST Framework for Django some things started popping up about SocketIO and Redis. I didn’t really know too much about them but now that I have looked into their features and some of the stuff you an do with them it is blowing my mind.  For those that aren’t familiar with Redis here is a nice little read up about its  protocols and what it can do.

My mind is still set on using Django in some fashion for this project so I’ve been looking at a few of the libraries people have made that incorporate either SocketIO of Redis or both!

The one I played around with the most was made by this fellow by the name of Jacob Rief it’s pretty up to date and you can find it on his GitHub. The documentation was pretty good.

Django Redis also looked good

An other tutorial with Node.js and Socketio

Still tons more stuff to figure out

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